my 1st astral projection

As an awaken person, someone that has figured out why she’s here on this earth and what’s her mission to accomplish, I can tell you this, I feel very privileged and gifted being. Why is she saying that? We are all gifted! Yes that’s absolutely right. We are given so many gifts, some of us wont bother during the entire lifetime to even scratch the surface of these gifts, while other like myself start using these gifts in their day to day life as to service to other and service to self. Why I said gifted, because I had no idea who I was and what I was, ’til the day I knocked on the door with faith and believing there is most into this life and when doors opened, I was answered with open arms. I was given without expectations. I woke up and activated so many gifts I didnt even know I had. Having said that through the fast past awakening process not only I was blessed with the awakening enlightenment itself, that I have experienced a lot of phenomenal which again takes years and years of practice. It all came in a big package Im guessing. It hasn’t been a year that I am an awakened being. (March 2016)  without help of anyone except by myself. (yes I read a lot of articles and books). and it’s very hard to try explain to close friends and family as they don’t understand the drastic changes happened around me and my life and myself too.

On July 1st.2016 @ 3 am I experienced my first astral projection of my life. And I have to say it felt unbelievably amazingly wonderful. Here is how it happened. After hours of searching on the web I couldnt find the info I was looking for about 3rd eye. I remember frustrated a bit, shoved my iphone under my pillow and fell asleep. I had a dream of a man who was there to explain me about my 3rd eye. His frist words to me were, You have a question about your 3rd eye I heard? And right away it became a lucid dream where I controlled and said what I wanted to say and tried to even sneak peak to see who he is. But I couldnt it felt like he is there and not there. His voice, told me if you “FOCUS” you can achieve anything. As he said that he told me, look behind the bushes and tress, there is an animal there can you see it? I looked and looked then replied: No I dont see anything. He said try again and “focus” and as he said focus the whole sky and universe moved, he was so powerful, he said those words: Try again and focus and I did, as I focused I could see a dog behind the darkness of the trees. I replied happy like a kid ( thats how it felt next to him) oh yess I see it. He left me saying you will be given anything you ask for, you just have to focus. As this man left, I woke up and I was thanking the universe for answer to my question.  I was so happy. I felt honored as this man was surely the source of mass consciousness appeared to me in a way my 3d brain could translate that into for me. As these grateful and thankful thoughts are going through my mind suddenly before I know it, all my body started shaking sooo hard, from head that I thought I was going to die. I was not sure what to think except that the whole house was going to fall apart, within seconds I was projected out of my body into the space. What a beautiful view! Im floating in the universe, the solar system, planets, moon, clusters of stars and the galaxies so beautiful and peaceful. There was a strange humming or buzzing sound in the space. I was flying around in a standing up position ( just like super man) I was in the space, so beautiful and free. I was thinking look astronauts needs so much equipment to be here and look at me in my light body ( spirit0 going around so freely. That happened for few mins, suddenly I thought to myself how am I gonna get home? where is earth? I turned my head and found earth under my feet as if I am standing up on top of earth but far far away I could only see a small blue ball from far. But what also I saw which had no idea what it was at the time, a whitish transparent robe attached to me and all the way stretched in the air until earth. After few mins of looking closer at Mars and Moon, I decided I want to go back home. ( I was kind of afraid to be honest I thought I was going to be lost in the space) then as the thought went through my mind, I found myself slammed back into my body. As I was still laying there eyes wide open I thanked the man who came to see me who showed me just what I am capable of doing anything if I focus on my plans and my agenda. The very next day, before leaving the house I was looking through my walk in, my heels my dresses and I realized how I am no longer care for materials like I had before. Having seen the earth from that far distance as a little blue ball make me realize so much more there is to life than just material aspect of it. The sense of knowing that I had, when I in the space, it dawned on me how I was connected with everything and all. Even the air. For days after I would look at the sky and stars at night with such love and joy, thinking of my unique experience just a couple nights ago. And thats where I promised the universe I will go from door to door everyone I know to bring them this inner joy and happiness that I feel today. I decided that everyone should know what it feels like to be align with your soul purpose. I promised the universe I want to execute an agenda of becoming the bridge between humans and universe the source consciousness. I realize there is a bigger reason to my existence here and I will fulfill my task.

The next Phenomenal I was able to tap into was remote viewing. Again only after months of meditating and opening my 3rd eye. I saw myself as a small child on a planet that looked very similar to the moon. I saw as a young baby I had something similar to a small eye in the middle of my forehead. I actually didn’t know what I was looking at, and who is this child, as soon as I looked inside of this baby all the sudden the knowing came upon me that this is actually me. I grew up in some sort of spaceship I saw myself inside of a chip and saw I was crawling/walking all over the floor. I saw the world I lived in and the beautiful calm and stillness of their existence in infinite love harmony peace and unity. I never understood why I was seeing all this until recently when I received confirmation that I was a star seed. I was shown me an old looking scroll with gold ancient writing in side what seemed to be somewhat we call birth certificate. I must admit I was very happy that day, I had an answer to a lot of things I had see prior. The day all these experiences unfolded before me, I have to admit suddenly I couldn’t stop crying, I didnt want to be here, I wanted to be where I saw I was once before where I felt happy and at home. I had remembered I didnt want to leave, and I didn’t want to come to earth but I realized I came here for a bigger purpose than just live and die. I came here to raise the vibration. I came to be that bridge between higher dimensional beings, and humans. The bridge to reach your higher self, source, god.

So what I mean by that? I was able to tap into beings from higher planes of existence. I am able to communicate with them and telepathically hear their thoughts. Showing my interest I became a light beaming up outside of earth into the space and easy for them to connect with me. Last year 2016 after only couple months of my awakening, I had these dreams I’m been given tours of their world how they live, how they dress, their life stule and so on. I numerous occasion I was given tours and talked to these beings and slowly I was able to tab into these beings while meditating. A lot of times I saw their humongous ships, something so big that can easily be a small city on air moving around thought the space.

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