Abduction is when your taken away from your home to a place unknown. In the 60’s abductions were taken place when people specially women recall been taken to ships and had encounters with aliens in their worlds. But today the way abductions happens its a lot more psychically. Its more in your mind and while your asleep its happens while your dreaming and suddenly you realize you been asleep for much longer than anticipated. As you wake up you remember you were in a ship communicating telepathically with beings from other dimensions. They told you things but you don’t remember but you also remember them telling you “you will not remember” ¬†thats simply because the time is not right yet, once the timing is good then you will remember about your mission and what happened to you. For the time being based on personal experience I suggest not to get too much bent out of the shape and harp on it as they will only tell you when you need to know.

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