At age 10 I read my very first book about hypnoses and how one can achieve an out of body experience. This book opened a can of worm! I still remember how I felt levitated, a surreal feeling, I just knew I wanted to try flying out of my body. For days after I locked myself in my room and practiced meditation which at the time i didn’t know by name “meditation” but rather looking at candle’s flame and breathe slowly. My mom did not like my meditation practice so I was simply grounded and later my book disappeared. I was told by my parents to act like normal kids, go out and play with my friends. Ever since I was young I predicted events before happening. When I was a teenager started vivid dreaming, I saw the death of most our relatives including my own mother. By age 20 my dreams became so vivid that not only I was seeing dead relatives and giving messages to their loved ones in this physical plane that I was permitted visiting “the other side” where people go after death. Today after realizing this is my true passion and my mission on earth. I went through a fast pase awakening and woke up to my true potentials. Once you see the world through the eyes of the source, with unconditional love and infinite wisdom you just burst to tears. I never felt the true feeling of inner joy and happiness. Ever since my awaking I have decided I will dedicate the rest of my life in waking up man’s consciousness. In doing so, I learned alot about energy. As Nicola Telsa said, in order to find out the secrets of unlocking this world, you need to look at everything through the lens on Frequency, Vibration and Energy. And that is exactly what I am here to do. Today I am a Reiki master, medium, shaman and an author. I have decided to give the rest of my life to wake people up and give them a direction and I will do that all with love. Thank you for visiting my website. Enjoy watching my videos.