Astral Projection (OBE)

Ever since I was young I was drawn towards Astral Projection. I remember been young and trying to AP in my room all alone practicing and reading a book. So here you might ask what’s Astral Projection? Its very simple you travel astrally in the vast universe with no limitation and your awareness is with you. Kinda like being dead but you are not, you are connected to your body by a silver cord the whole time. While you Astral traveling with your conscious mind your body is laying down on your bed or couch at home. If and when you wake up you will see very fast speed of light you slam back into your body. Astral travelling is amazing because you can go in the past or future. You can go to a big event that happened in your life or anyone’s life. You experience what was in Wold Wars or you can go in ocean depth to visit places no one has ever been. My favorite part of Astral projection is travelling in the vast universe and solar system.. seeing our planet earth from far its absolutely breath taking. Traveling to stars in a matter of seconds. The moment you leave your body to explore you realize you are one with everything you are god. I am god you are god we all are. There was this one time I looked at the earth right under my feet but at a very far distance that moment was so amazing suddenly I realized I dont meed to be so attached to materials in my life. Ever since everything changed in my mind my whole perspective changed. I dont look at myself the same way anymore or the world we live in. I have also been to the moon while astral projecting and thats just another topic all together another day.

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