whales “akashic record keepers”

Wow!! What an experience, communicating with Akashic record keepers. I am truly honored and grateful. as I tried to get out of the bed this morning with my eyes closed, I couldn’t help but notice im seeing a whale ? that came to talk to me.. my eyes closed I stayed in bed and connected with the whale.. this was one of the greatest experience I’ve had!! we talked I heard her laugh she told me stuff to talk about in my video today.. @ the end she made a couple back flips in the air for me.. she was so happy smiling danced jumping in the water splashing me and I was feeling the great burst of energy transfer that occurred while I encountered this whale… I am so grateful for my experience this morning, this is not the first time i communicate with whales “record keepers” but it’s the first time I’m guided for what to talk about in my video that i will be making in a few mins. Whales are wonderful creatures full of knowledge, serenity prosperity peace tranquility love and connection to galactic beings.

ps. in few mins i will post the video the message from the whales. check my youtube page or click on videos on my website. Happy reading and watching



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yesss to chanelling

Chanelling is one of my favorite way of tapping into communication with extraterrestrials. There is a lot of BS about this practice, a lot

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