Death is the biggest lie we been told

Death is a lie as we know it! There in no death, you live on forever. You are an eternal being having a human experience. When you talk about death with people, its often felt powerlessness as death is seen as a loss. When people talk about death its like a dark cloud sets on their mind. As you came to these physical bodies, not all of you came, the larger part of you the consciousness that is you remains non physically focused. This is the most important thing you need to remember, as the none physical part of you stays in a relationship with your higher self source or what some call god. If you understand these 2 perspectives of yourself then you can truly understand why you are here. Please remember we humans we are causing the expansion of the universe with our thoughts and emotions. Not words or action but our thoughts that is why we are here for purpose of learning and projecting forth this earthly experience back to the source self and that causes the expansion of our existence. Otherwise us been her is meaningless. Yes! Death is sad its not easy losing a loved ones, of course we cry because we miss their physical body their touch their voice but the memories and their loves lives on for eternity. Once you die your consciousness merges with the rest of your awareness, the bigger part of your existence that exist through out the universe. Death is not the end in fact the beginning, death is merging with your higher self and with all that there is.

Your body is a temporary expression, its used as a vehicle for your soul in order to attain its expansion. Just like any intelligent beings out in the vast universe, in order for their expansion they need to get in line with in our incarnation process. That’s how some beings come to earth to learn how to forgive, care and to love. As our time finishes here on earth then we go through a shift of perspective. Whichever perspective of life we chose to come here for our expansion purposes. In lame terms basically we withdraw our focus from our physical body back to the energy source that we were once before coming to this existence on earth. And thats how you come to realize your soul purpose here on earth and try to align yourself with source self. Because we have been here before, we never really left.

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