Dreams are amazing

Dreams are happening when you are having an out of body (OBE) experience.  Upon returning to the conciseness (your body) that is where you remember the night before. Dreams are remembered as dreams download into your brain upon waking up. You could be also lucid dreaming, where one has the control over action thoughts and words in the dream and could easily control their soul as it leaves the body at night and into the vase universe. ( I have been capable of doing that since I was maybe 5th grade of school) Dream have meaning and usually interprets of what the person is thinking about during the day. ( day to day life ) You may dreams of future events that will be happening to you or events in the past. Dreams are when you merge with your awareness outside of your body as if you live in a whole different dimension and upon return to your body at night or the next morning you will remember where you were. As you all may know this, past, present and future co exist together.  So basically time doesn’t really exist. So when you do dream seeing yourself in the future its because once you are out of your body, limited way of seeing everything by our brain doesn’t exist. Our brain categorizes events, gender, race, color everything we see is categorized for our better understanding but once you are dreaming that rule doest apply anymore. You can tap into the future or even go back in time. Thats why so many people say oh I dreamed I was a child again I was playing with my brother. or people often say oh I had a dream the interview I am going to next week turns out to go super well, that they will hire me. These are very simple examples of telling you -you are a spiritual being having a human experience, we all are. We are one and your dreams are part of you.

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