How and what happened before and after I opened my 3rd eye

I am pretty sure you all heard about the 3rd eye phenomenon. Yes its real, it exist and I will share my experience with you on what exactly transpired. Many of you have emailed or messaged me to share my awakening experience. So time has come, sit back relax and enjoy reading this article. Here I will add before I become an awakened being for 6 months straight, every night and day I was only and only reading studying watching everything and anything to do with Aliens.. A solid addiction that has lasted now nearly 2 years. This hunger for info.. the thirst of knowing more, would keep me up all night reading all about them. Now not only I know most of the books there is to know about our existence, our DNA manipulation, to all the Apollo missions, the crew, their books every whistleblower there is (almost) and further more former CIA and NSA members who stepped forth in light of informing people and telling the truth of the dark secret NASA been keeping from us. Im saving you some time n energy, I pretty much knew so much info about et civilization, their races and involvement with early human race and their genetically engineering us that I could probably write a book today. Anyways you will see in my future posts why I brought up this info about my hunger to know about ET’s.

So from end of 2015, October November December 2015 to January February and March 2016 I didn’t stop until one day I came across an ancient technique called opening your 3rd eye, the pineal gland.. that day a Thursday night I was at home alone and do I said 2 myself: opening my 3rd eye? Of course I am capable of opening my 3rd eye. I turned off all the lights, sat, put on binaural beat sounds and set an intention of opening my 3rd eye. Without a joke ( whether you want to believe me or not) within couple mins I started seeing beautiful illuminated colors, sooo beautiful, bluish purplish so bright.. it was so pretty that I opened my eyes right away, walked over to the windows looking at the sky thinking there is some sort of fireworks in the sky.. that I am definitely mistaken as the lights I saw are so bright thats impossible I see this with my eyes closed.. after a few seconds looking out and not finding anything bright, more curious as ever, I gave it another try. Excited as ever I sat focused on the dark behind my eyelids and saw the lights again this time blue illuminated, then all the sudden a big eye appear in the middle of my view. My eyes are still closed but I have hard time keeping them shut. The eye slowly opened.. it was green iris, very slowly opened fully and looked at me… as I am freaked out, I realized something very strange, that right after that I could see outside my room with my eyes closed. I literally was able to see the shape of the windows and the room. Now I really freaked out so much that I said to myself.. omg what is this? I got up ran to the lights turned on the lights and decided to go to bed right away. The very next morning I had a dream of being in a world of different dimensions ( have you seen the end of the movie of Matthew McConaughey, Interstellar? Exactly that kind of stuff.) I saw I was out in the nature but the nature was in a 6 or 7 dimensions. It was so strange. Thats the 1st day ever I read for hours articles about what is a 3rd eye exactly, how it works, what it does and how people do to turn it on. 

For the next 2 days after that Thursday nothing was the same. I wasn’t the same anymore. I would stand by the window just stare into the sky and cry of the beauty I was seeing in the world around me, to see the beautiful clouds, the sun or the moon.. I was seeing everything differently. It wasn’t my normal eyes, my 3rd eye was adding its own perspective in things and world around me into everything I was looking at. The most amazing overwhelming, beautiful experience ever. Within matter of hours suddenly I had all my 5 senses heightened. Specially my eyes, I was always seeing lights and little starts, my nose I could smell anything from far, my ears everything around me had sound and a vibration. All the sudden I was so sensitive to light, I couldn’t keep my eyes open for long when I was outside I had to absolutely wear my sunglasses. I lost so much weight as suddenly I couldn’t just put any food in my mouth.. it’s like my organs inside could talk to me.. with a sense of knowledge I could eat only some stuff and that other stuff wasn’t good for me. Anyhow story is long, this is for all of you people who asked that I explain how it happened, the beginning of my journey. I still am able to see with my eyes clothes, specially in a dark room at night, right away within mins I am able to see the room. I feel very happy but still don’t know why I am able to see with my eyes clothes, maybe someday I will find out why. You can let me know what you think of what are your thoughts. Thank you!


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