Mantis Encounter

We are back in Aug.2016

Exactly 6 months after my awakening. And exactly 2 days after my very first encounter with ET’s in their world, well I was kind of sad I wanted to go back and re visit them. For some reason 2 days after I remember I was sleeping all the sudden I found myself standing on a 2nd floor of a building, then as I look down I see a super tall like 8 or 9 feet tall Mantis being is looking at me. He knew he was coming towards me but I didn’t. Next thing you know he climbed up the building where I was and he came right next to me. I personally am kinda person that judges the book by its cover so of course as I looked at him I literally freaked out, I was like WTF is that thing? But he wasn’t saying anything or doing anything. I learned later on that mantis beings are super amazing beings and 99% are healers. Unfortunately its very unsettling to see a being so tall standing and looking at you with these humongous eyes, super long hands that are like hanging out. They have long tongue too. But moral of the story is that, almost after every meditation I was coming across different beings and different races of aliens and for me was an amazing encounter it made me look up into mantis beings and learn more about them. They live in a parallel world. They are great beings if ever you see one try to stay calm and ask them questions. If you need healing trust me they are the race you need to call for help and healing. And despite the fact I got freaked out I kind of think today he was there to help me out and/or heal me as I was having a rough 2 days after my 1st ET encounter and I was pretty bummed out about it.

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