Star Seed

I always wondered if I was really a star seed. I had heard the term but wasn’t sure, so I always questioned and I asked I need a proof. One day I told my guides, you guys my helpers, today I need to know am I really a star seed? And I don’t need a Yes or No I need proofs. That night I slept and in my dream I had received a message. All the sudden I find my message looks very real like an old scrolls with gold writings, that clearly says on top as the headline: “To Samantha Star Seed, you are officially invited to visit an alien world.” I remember been so happy and thrilled of the joy that I was really a star seed. I was so excited that right away I woke up. This was a Sunday morning. So Im very positive if you are reading this article on my website you might be also a star seed. Here I got to say one thing, once you really want to know something and you think of that desire of knowing without a split focus it is no joke that it will come to manifest in your vortex without any doubts. The longer you keep that thought in mind without distraction but mostly purity trust me you can ask anything from the universe and you will end up getting results without doubts. For me its very clear I have a mission on earth and I know thats by helping out anyone who might needs to share her stories with me.

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