Creation of mankind

As a star seed, who has had many past lives on other galaxies, I came to terms with myself realizing that I am who I am, I am different and I wont try to fit myself into a crowd of people where I know I don’t belong to. I kept studying and researching about Time Travelling, I wanted to know certain things about humanity and about creation of mankind. I kept hearing ET’s had something to do with our creation so I asked my guides. I said I want to travel back in time, I want to see where and how it all started. So one day after I started meditating I realized I am in a room looking like in surgery room, the room wasn’t very bright but I could see there were 3 or 4 ET beings around what seemed to be a human body. Here I want to add when I was in this room I realized they couldn’t see me so I realized I had somehow travelled back in time to be able to get the answer to the question I asked from the universe to show me. If you do Astral projection you know what I mean when I say Aliens can see you no matter where you go they always see you, so that was my other sign of successfully gone back in time. So finally I saw on this bed, this human hybrid being ‘s organs were been changed and transplanted with organs from ET beings. What was hard for me to witness is the fact I could feel the pain of the human being on the hospital bed being worked on by ET beings. I know it was way early in the history and thats from where it all started the manipulation and genetic correction of early human race. So after I saw that and I was very grateful for the experience, I moved to another area where human hybrid beings were in some sort of healing rooms. At around this part I remembered coming back and it all stopped there. So I hope this info helped anyone out there. All I can say -if you don’t believe me its ok Im not looking for anyone ‘s approval, Im doing what Im asked to help raise the earth ‘s vibration.

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