what is really prayer?

Praying is sending forth that intention to talk to your higher self. Praying is to source self which is still you. YOU ARE god, you are god’s projection in these bodies. You can pray spontaneously. There are no deadlines. Praying can be done by anyone at any time and any where. Unlike some religions you dont actually need a certain time of the day to pray, No thats just wrong. Prayer needs to come from a humble, loyal and selfless place within. Prayer is not BEGGING! That’s wrong. Prayer is in fact asking with such faith and trust within as if you already have what you are asking. Unlike what the most people practice today, prayer is just that true intention. Prayer is pure humble chat with your higher self also referred to as god. Praying is coming from an honest place of existence, coming to talk to source self from a deep place within.

You dont need anyone to pray with you or for you. There is no priest in this world that is going to pray for you better then you would do it for yourself. No the moment you ask, example; jesus or mother marry to give you such and such, its like you just took away the power from yourself and asked someone else to do it for you. I give you a lame example of prayer I really want you to get this. Think of a younger sister wants a toy instead of herself going to ask her parents, she asks her older sister to ask their parents for the toy. Once parents are listening to the bigger sister that she wants and she ends up saying the toy is for the younger sister, the immediate response usually is like, but why if she really wanted the toy she didnt come ask herself? Thats exactly how prayers work. Trust yourself, have faith in yourself. Dont act powerless and weak. And definitely dont put all the power, faith and trust in someone else’s hands. Which is wrong. Ask as if that thing you want is in your vibration, money, love children.

Here id like to add; No you dont need no fancy clothes no fancy shoes or jewelry to pray better or have effective prayers. Or in some religions to pray is to absolutely do it in certain restriction manners. You dont need to look as if you are coming from a guilty place of existence “beg” for anything. No kneeling, no bowing down to no one, not even statue of christ. Christ was a healer just like you and I. But is missing in the bible is the fact most of jesus ‘s teaching doesn’t talk about self awareness and thoughts. Based on the bible ‘s teaching we are sinning all day long. Based on jesus’s teaching we need to go through him to get answers to our prayer. Based on most of the books written in the new testaments life events have been described differently through different perspective. It is not jesus himself is the heresay words written by his 12 disciples. That’s where I have problem with in the new testaments. Please stop thinking on what you have been taught all the old traditions and leave what you have been told. Start gathering your own feelings on what you see. Research, read different articles, ask around for others perspective and then decide. People think prayer must be done in a church or a mosque or whatever your religion tells you to. Religion is only there to control you. Prayer is not an act of showing to others that you are praying so you would go to the church or the mosque to pray. No in fact prayer is a private yet your very unique of each individual talking to higher self is that bigger aspect of you that knows why you are here before you came to these bodies. Prayer is so beautiful. Prayer is amazing.  

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