you need to wake up!!!!

Sam Star Seed

Founder/President of Meditation bridge.
On my podium I talk about expanding one’s consicouness.
I am an intuitive healer| spiritual coach| Reiki master| writer| Shaman| clairvoyant

If I have to look back at who I was a year ago.. how I was living my every day life.. how I was sleep walking.. I can tell you now that I was so far from my life purpose. I can promise you, had I listened to my videos that I’m making today about meditation spirit lifeafterdeath astralprojection telekenesis I’d say: what is this crazy b** talking about!? That’s how much things have changed over the course of a year and few months. So here is the secret, if you’re curious and open minded, if you’re beginning to ask the big question and are diving deeper I’ve good news for you: your half way there. ’cause the way this vast conscious universe works, it’s very simple. It will unfold before you eyes slowly, you’ll come across articles or books, you ll read them but you won’t understand anything, it will make you wonder and question further but it wont make complete sense all way…. until your ready to receive. What happens those words resonated with you on subconscious levels, the part of you that knows who you are and what you are here for and once you are in the frequency of receiving you’ll start remembering those words, those articles again, you’ll remember the name of the author, you’ll go back search and look through their videos.. that’s exactly what @deepakchopra meant by planting seed in your inner being and once you are ready those seeds begin to grow and start manifestation. Thats when you start connecting you with your higher-self. Once you are ready to hear you are god, you are connected to source energy, you are part of that prime moving force that creates worlds.. if hear that makes you want to cry and say thank you for sending me here there you are waking up… then you will be ready to listen to that inner voice,  and you invite the silence. The day you learned to be calm and listen that we call,  you are in the vibration of receiving, ask and it is give! lawofattraction will deliver it for you at your door. This is a vibrational base universe, every thought that’s ever been thought exists. as my #teacher@eckharttolle @eckharttolleawakening would say: you are the universe manifested itself in these bodies.. Just like you reading this text of mine you’ll question yourself, what is she talking about?- don’t worry! that’s ok it will come to you, if not in this lifetime it will be the next one.

?  there will be a day where no more government, religion or money will control us in capitalism.
?   there will be a day when human consciousness will expand and will awaken every single person like you like your friends and family, that’s what they mean by shifting the vibration.
?  there will be a day when we’ll re write our history books, as early as 1st grade and we will add: human consciousness, law of attraction, soul journey in this 3D.. these will be taught at schools to every young adults.
?  there will be a day, where our children will be born with knowledge of an awakened person knowing they are god, and not separated from god

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